Thursday, March 21, 2019

Closing Bonspiel 2019

We were lucky to have 4 full teams playing in our Closing Bonspiel. It was played in the usual format of all players rotating position after 2 ends. The games were all played in a fun and sporting manner.

The points were extremely close but the winners were Jim Paxton, Alison Young, Freda Miller and Steve McCreath. Well Done!
We are grateful to Bill Inglis for doing the scoring.

The Winning Team - Closing Bonspiel 2019
The Annual Prize Giving followed the Bonspiel and AGM. President Alison presented the prizes.
Ronnie Peat won the Points Competition and Jennifer accepted the trophy on his behalf.
The Pairs/Doubles was not played for this year.

Autumn League Winners
Anne Wilson was  unable to attend AGM

Spring League Winners
Mara Lindsay unable to attend AGM

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Final League Games 12th March

Congratulations to Alison's team including Mara, Mike and Alan Carruthers on winning the Spring League 2019! They were a formidable team and all played well throughout the season.

Last night saw Campbell and Steven's teams fighting for 2nd place but despite both winning their games the league positions stayed the same.  Campbell held onto 2nd place with Steve a close 3rd.

Several of our members were playing in the Portland Bonspiel but thanks to our reserves and 2 players from Disnae our final league match went ahead. We will try to avoid this happening next year.

Our closing bonspiel, AGM and prize giving is next Monday 18th March at 6pm.

Friday, March 8, 2019

7th March Matches

What a night of curling!
Jim Lindsay's Team had a run away victory of Steve McCreath's with a 12-4 Win. Well done!
Campbell had a very close match with Alison's team. But giving away 4 points at the first end made it difficult for them to catch up.
Only one more league match to go before our Closing Bonspiel and AGM on Monday 18th March at 6pm.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

March 5th Matches

Alison's team continue their high standard and are now the undisputed winners of the Spring League!
The battle for 2nd place is now between Campbell and Steven's teams. The next two matches should prove interesting.
The results from Monday 5th March games are as follows:
Team C Alison v Team D Jim -  10 points to 1 Win for Alison
Team A Campbell v Team B Steven  -  7 points to 4 win for Steven

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Friendly Match V Disnae 18.2.19

The members of Disnae Curling gave us a very good match on Monday night.
The games were played in the usual friendly competitive manner and some players stayed on for supper afterwards.
Mike, Freda, Robin and Katie had a good 7-4 win.
However, Alison, Jim, Joe and Mabel lost 4-5 to a team skipped by one of our own team players Steve Gillies. Alison reported that Steve was "on fire"!
Well done everyone and thanks for representing the club.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Two very close games!

League leader Alison Young had another victory tonight, but only by one shot.  Her team beat Campbell Kay by 7 shots to 6.

The other game was even closer and thankfully Jim Lindsay scored his first point of the campaign in a five all draw with Stephen McCreath.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Results from last night's games

The results for tonight are: Team C – Alison Young Skip Won 7-3 against Team D Skip Jim Lindsay.

A close game but Alison’s team had the edge at each end.
Team A – Skip Campbell Won 8 – 5 against Steven McCreath’s Team B.

This was played on Sheet 2 and the ice was very tricky. However, Campbell’s team played a steady game and won the match.